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Thank you for visiting Walktoshare.org!

In 2012 I walked from Mexico to Canada via the Pacific Crest Trail.  I raised $3,000 and awareness for the SHARE Military Initiative at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Ga.

This year, on May 1st, I will begin walking again from Mexico to Canada.  This time via the Continental Divide Trail.  I hope to raise awareness for kindness and love!

I plan on keeping up with the blog as best I can.  So, take a break, look around the website and remember how blessed we truly are.  If you have any thoughts, questions, or suggestions feel free to leave a comment or email me at walktoshare@gmail.com!

Here is a short video to give you an idea as to who and what the SHARE Military Initiative is all about:  http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7362986n&tag=contentMain;contentBody

Happy Trails!

13 Responses to Welcome to Walk To Share

  1. Michael Lawrence says:

    Lookin’ good out there, Will! Keep walking and stay cool! Love the pictures. How’s the Selke hat working out?

    • whammon1 says:

      Thanks brother! The hat is fantastic. It’s very practical. Keeps my head real cool an the sun of my face and neck. It’s also a bit stylin and profilin brother. Thanks again!

  2. Nick Hughes says:

    Hope all is well, keep throwing and poking the wildlife.

  3. Eddie says:

    Wish I could have joined ya lol. Hope you guys make it safe!
    -That dude in the red truck that you met in Rightwood.

    • whammon1 says:

      Eddie! Great to hear from you! Im glad you found the blog. Thanks again for the lift. People like you make our lives much easier out here! Take care!

  4. Shadow says:

    Hey Chimp,
    Rock on brother. Wish I was there too!


    • whammon1 says:

      Great to hear from you Shadow! We’re 40 miles from crossing the Mojave and having a blast. Grab your pack and come join us in the Sierra. I hear it’s going to be incredible! Keep in touch!


  5. chris holabird says:

    Hay Chimp, Show your friends a picture of me, your friend Hogan the Monkey !

  6. Kevin Spinks says:

    just sent a post thinking i might have encountereed you guys. The date on my camera puts my arrival at Mount Gleason at around 2 pm on the 27th of may. Thanks Kevin

  7. Michael (Sulphur) says:

    Hey brother;
    We met in Pagos Springs Colorado. I was the guy cooking on the grill rememer?
    I just wanted to say that you and your friends were such an inspiration and I welcome you to my table anytime. I pray God watches over you out there on the trail And may he provides you with some more trail magic. Step on brother!

    • whammon1 says:

      Hey Michael! Glad you popped in to invite us to dinner. It’s definitely a moment I’ll never forget. You were incredibly kind and hospitable. If only we could all live like you! You’re an inspiration to me. Much love and appreciation!

  8. Paul Peterson says:

    Hope you guys are doing well! Would love to here how the trip is progressing. Love the reasoning and motivation behind the hike. It was good to meet you both! – Paul (the guy near Creede, CO who gave you a short lift)

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